User Management

There are two roles in ALEX which are listed below.

Role Description
REGISTERED Default user role.
ADMIN All rights of a user, plus user management and can edit application level settings.

The first time ALEX is started, a default admin account is created which you can use instantly to login into the application. The credentials are:

Email:        admin@alex.example
Password: admin

Logging Into ALEX


The picture above shows the start page of ALEX. You can either create a new account 1 or sign in 2 with an existing account. In both cases, all you need to enter is an email address and a password.

Editing the User Profile


Once you are logged in, you can edit your user profile by clicking on the "Settings" item in the sidebar in the group labeled "User". Here, you can change your email address, your password or delete your account permanently.

User Management

Admins also have the possibility to manage all existing users that are registered. Therefore, click on the item "Manage users".

User Management 1

A click on 1 reveals a modal window (see the picture below) where the corresponding actions on a user can be performed. Note that, as an admin, you can only delete your own account or change your role to REGISTERED if there is another user with admin rights in the system.

User Management 2

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