Frequently Asked Questions

Can I learn any web application that is accessible over the internet?
Yes, you can, but really should not do that, since testing usually takes a lot of traffic, and your test targets may not like it. But we do not programmatically prohibit it either. The primary use case is to use ALEX for testing applications that are installed locally or in the same network.

Do I really not have to have any programming experience?
Yes and no, it depends on how you define programming experience. We made best efforts to abstract all necessary steps to test a web application with ease. While modelling Selenium tests, it may eventually be helpful to have basic understanding of HTML and CSS. The same goes for modelling REST tests where it is needed that you can write JSON documents. But to our understanding neither JSON, HTML nor CSS are programming languages.

How potent does my system have to be to run tests?
Learning is a CPU and memory intense process, but we cannot really tell you an lower bound for your system specs. From our own observations, it is advised to have at least 2Gb of RAM and a relatively modern Dual Core CPU to run tests at a satisfiable performance. The more power your system has, the faster your tests should execute.

I want to learn a specific feature of my application but ALEX does not provide a way to model it. What can I do?
Initially, we did not develop ALEX as a solution to all situations that may occur in a web application, but to the most common ones. If you think a key feature is missing, feel free to submit an issue or create a pull request on GitHub and we will see what we can do.

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