Setup ToDo

In order to setup ToDo, download the archive from here and extract it to an arbitrary location. Make sure you have Java JRE or JDK v8 or higher installed. Open a terminal, navigate to where the extracted files are located and execute java -jar ./jetty-runner.jar --port 9090 ./Todo-App.war. Then, open http://localhost:9090 in a web browser of your choice. You should see the login form of ToDo which looks like this:

Todo Startpage

You can login with the default admin account: as email and admin as password. Maybe, login once and play around a little to get a feel of the application before learning it.

Setup ALEX

To setup alex, in the terminal, navigate to where the ALEX-*.*.war is located and execute java -jar alex.war --port 8000, wait a moment and open http://localhost:8000 in a web browser. You should see the index page where you are asked to login or create a new account.

Welcome Screen


Login Process

Create a new account or alternatively authenticate with the admin account using admin@alex.example as email and admin as password. Press the login-button to finish the login process which leads to the projects overview on success.


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