Learning ToDo

In this part, you will use ALEX to learn an example web application that we have build some time ago as a students project.

The application is called ToDo and is pretty much destined to do what it sounds like, plus some extras. With ToDo, one can manage simple tasks, give them a termination date, a priority and create categories to group them. Beside a frontend, it also offers a REST API which offers the same functionality.

This tutorial will guide you in a step by step manner through learning the frontend part of ToDo with ALEX, beginning from the setup of ToDo and ending with a learned model of it. We do not offer any kind of user manual or documentation for ToDo since we want this guide to be an explorative process for you.

All required files to start and learn ToDo can be downloaded here: ToDo.zip.

The following guide has been created with an older version of ALEX. Some buttons may have moved here and there, but the main workflow stays the same.

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