Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
LearnLib :: Test Support Functionality to ease writing test cases for LearnLib
LearnLib :: Build Tools Tools and resources required for building LearnLib
LearnLib :: Core Infrastructure and core functionalities of LearnLib
LearnLib :: Algorithms Parent module for automata learning algorithms shipped with LearnLib
LearnLib :: Equivalence Tests Parent module for equivalence testing algorithms shipped with LearnLib
LearnLib :: Simulator Membership and equivalence oracles using an automaton model as backend
LearnLib :: Utilities Parent module for LearnLib utilities
LearnLib :: Filters Parent module for queries that can be used to speed up the learning process
LearnLib :: Drivers Parent module for test drivers
LearnLib :: Examples A collection of examples of how to use LearnLib
LearnLib :: Archetypes Parent metaproject for archetypes that facilitate getting started with LearnLib.
LearnLib :: Distribution A framework for active automata learning and experimentation